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Papa Won't Preach

My darling baby came to me the other day,
And said, " Dad I have something to say"
She told me about the guy, she told me about her love for him,
Said, "Dad I've made up my mind, I want to spend my life with him",
I realized, my baby was not a baby anymore, and eventually I was an old guy.
Time had flown and my baby had wanted to fly.
She had wanted to fly from the nest we three had built,
With her and her mother, my home was much more than what I had dreamt!

I remember the day, when her mom brought her home,
She came in & made our house a real happy home.
She was such a cute little thing, a small bundle of unlimited joy,
Chubby cheeks, lovely eyes, divine smile; she was the apple of my eye.
Yesterday only she was a kid and her presence was a time to rejoice,
Everything changed so fast, and I couldn't even notice.

That night I told her mom about her love, about what she said,
She said, she knew him, but thought he was just a friend.
Next day I met him and thought, my baby hadn't met him instead!
He was thin, tall, handsome and well educated.
He was smart, but could not look me in the eye,
He said he loved her, but it sounded like a blatant lie.
He talked about his interests; he talked about life,
When he left, I knew my baby wouldn't be his wife!

I did talk to him; I did talk to his friends later,
And then I knew it for sure; my baby deserved
something much better!
She wouldn't have been happy with him, and I told her that.
She said, "Dad I love him and I'll marry him no matter what!"
I said, "Oh darling, I have nothing against love, but
he's just not the right one, you see!
Oh sweetheart, he'll hurt you someday,
he's so dishonest; can't you see?"
She said, "Oh dad, you won't understand, I don't care what you say,
And if you do not approve, I'll marry him anyway.
Do you really want to see me cry? Do you really want to see me unhappy?
Oh dad, please don't preach, I'll be alright, don't you worry about me."
I said, "Oh dear, if I don't worry about you, who would? Would he?
Ok fine, I won't preach, but soon enough you'll know why.
Oh child, how could I ever see you unhappy? How could I ever let you cry?
Remember, I would always be with you, till the day I die!"
I didn't say anything and I didn't do anything,
I waited for her to tell me something.

Then the other day my baby came to me and wept for the first time,
And if I meet that guy ever again, I have murder on my mind.
She didn't tell me what he did to her,
But she learnt from her mistakes and she'll remember.
She said, "Dad you did tell me, but I didn't listen;
Please forgive me, I was so stubborn."
I said, "Oh dear, only when you would become mother,
you would be aware,
What you really mean to us, and how much we care.
How it feels when a part of you leaves,
How you get shattered, and how your heart cries.
Oh honey, you are the only one, you mean so much to us,
And we have so much to share, so much to enjoy and so much to discuss!
Now you have seen the world, now you are really strong,
And when you decide something, I know you wouldn't be wrong!
But if you ever get confused and don't know what to do,
Remember, you always have your dad standing beside you.
Oh dear, I won't preach; let me confess.
All that ever matters is your happiness!


More By  :  Manish Hatwalne

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