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Indisputable Legend of Mt. Everest

Indisputable Legend of Mt. Everest.jpg
(A Personal Tribute to Sir Edmund Percival Hillary – July 20, 1919 - Present)

In the famous city of Auckland, New Zealand,
A mountaineer was born on July 20, 1919-
When summitting Mount Everest was a dream only,
'Cause no one before had there been!
Cold air, gusty winds, and high altitudes were making
The assault an impossible mission-
And Chomolungma* remained as a viable sensation
In each mountaineer's vision!
Successive attempts on all the Ridges failed,
And trekkers were living in total despair-
But pull of Mt. Everest was getting stronger
In their minds, set to breathe the thin air!
Darkness in the arena of trekking was suddenly
Illuminated and quietly spellbound-
By the brightness of this only trekker
That nowhere else could be found!
Later, the brightness became brighter as he was
Growing up with trekking over the years-
And proved that setting feet on Mount Everest
Is quite possible while wiping the joy of tears!

Born in Tuakau near Auckland, with a true love
For the mountain and sea-
Edmund was the "man" to open
The trekkers' minds with his special key!
Through the years as a beekeeper and
An avid mountaineer, he revealed the codes-
Of combining ability and desire for his assault
On Mount Everest while carrying on the loads!
The world ushered in the "Edmund Era"
To dignify mountaineering with his vision-
And carried on the various expeditions
To benefit mankind as a global mission!
Today our beloved Edmund trots the globe
To preach trekking for the humanitarian cause-
And raises funds for the Himalayan Trust
To improve Sherpa lives without a single pause!

Hello Edmund, please accept my deepest love
And warmest respect-
Your aspiring contributions are truly remarkable
And really heartfelt!
The trekkers around the world
Keep a special spot just for you-
Because your courage is awesome
And draws the global view!
You have achieved your spot through
Indisputable sacrifice and enormous toll-
And will remain vivid in the history
Of mountaineering and in every trekker's soul!
Via untiring patience, you landed on Mt. Everest
On May 29th, Nineteen Fifty Three-
And truly pioneered the explorations
Of "Chomolungma" to set the trekking spree!

Today, we float our happiest minds
Immersed in joy-moistened tear-
And display our sincere affections
For you, Edmund, without any fear!
Your achievement in climbing Mt. Everest
Is a defining moment of 20th Century for sure-
Because you showed the human spirit
While preaching that environment needs to be pure!
Your victory with Tenzing Norgay
To reach the highest place on Earth-
Is now being celebrated as a Golden Jubilee
And to express the mirth!

So, before conclusion, I love to say this-
Although we know it's very true as it is:
You conquered Mount Everest and the South Pole,
And captured the world's imagination-
To prove, indomitable spirit against the fiercest odds
Can pass the trekking examination!
The tales of your own achievements and generosity
Will remain in the history pages-
And inspire people of all walks of life,
Irrespective of their national origin or ages!
The way you used your fame to assist the people
Who had helped you to reach Everest-
Stunningly spans the globe and in the Sherpa Community,
Who knows you at your best!
You have devoted your life and limitless energies
For the Nepalese without any pause-
Followed by your sincere efforts and clean up
Of Himalayas for environmental cause!
You are the most famous living adventurer
Of New Zealand and the global media hero-
Still you remain so modest about summitting Everest
With Tenzing from ground zero!
You established Himalayan Trust to improve lives
Of Sherpas and preserve their culture-
Along with scaling expeditions and watch them
With your own eyes sharp like a vulture!
Sherpa people have led you to admire their strength,
Enthusiasm, and sense of humor-
While your faith in their endurance is now world known,
And surpasses any rumor!

Today I salute your courage and sacrifice
To bring the mysteries of Mount Everest down-
While we celebrate the 50th Anniversary
Around your birthplace and in Himalayan town!
No doubt, you are a living legend of modern climbing
And always planning the next goal-
Without giving in to despair or complacency,
And your heart resembles a mountain soul!
Sir Edmund, you set your feet on the "roof of the world"
Against the coldest snow-
And made the new history, as found
In the Everest tales, that we all read or know!
You will always shine like an Indisputable Legend
Of 21st Century throughout the Earth-
While your footprints on Mount Everest
Will aspire the new trekkers since their birth!!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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