Theme: Love

Let the River of Love Flow

In between only you and me
Existed once
A wide breathing space--
The space that no longer exists now
In between you and me...

Pressed for space
Heart is withdrawn into its cell
Feeling falls flat
In the wordless yet noisy silence
Of this heartless world.

Most of love survives with a limp
And crawls along
In the company of solitude
As parasites eat into its emotions
Uncared, unloved
And soul finally seals the fate
Of bare bodies
Left miserly as a waste of space...

In between only you and me
Still flows a river
Of feelings and emotions
But sans any water as such
For sustaining
The bond between you and me.

Let the river of love flow,
Flow from your heart to mine
Even if dried, sunken
The Sky will pour out one day,
Filling it up full;
And we'll build up bridge for sure
For the pairs of lovers
Hand in hand,
To tread across with their souls
Who must give thanks

To un-unified souls of ours.


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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