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The Possible Ruling Power for World Peace!

Do you know what is ruling human beings in the world? 
Knowledge or idea rules the minds of men in the world; 
But love only rules the hearts of men in the world life; 
Sans love and knowledge, can world peace be promoted? 

Hatred and adamant nature escalate wars shattering peace; 
Peace is smashed into pieces dividing the whole world as
Islands isolated from the mainland of peace and prosperity
Needing to be connected by friendship and love for progress! 

Each nation should declare that it is not an enemy to others; 
No nation should aspire for conquering other nations as in past; 
Now unity and development of nations and people are the motto
Each one of the world nations should aspire for and achieve...! 

Love and knowledge only make one perfect and enjoy freedom
Shunning hatred and enmity by friendship and love for peace, 
Prosperity and progress of humankind as a whole in one world
Community as one world family to live and work in peace ever!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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