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Bug Love

Crawling like a Spider,
searching for your pray;
throughout your wicked web,
and searching night and day.

You're flying like a Wasp,
in hopes of hearts to sting;
you hurt the ones you love,
and pain is all you bring.

As pesky as a Fly,
I swat you off my arm;
but yet you will return,
and with a sweetened charm.

An avid as an Ant,
on the hunt for food;
you leave no stone unturned,
you're ruthless, bold, and rude.

Like a Praying Mantis,
just praying to go on;
humble on the surface,
Satan when I'm gone.

Crawling like a Spider,
when we are far apart;
I have insecticide,
but I don't have the heart.

You're flying like a moth
and will eternally;
I just wish you would land,
and spend some time with me.

I guess I will ignore
the bugged out things you do;
as bug-like as you are'
I'm still in love with you!

Bug Love1.jpg


More By  :  Bryon D. Howell

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