Theme: Satire

My Obituary

What if I flatter myself a little
Instead of leaving it to friends
When I am gone forever?

I pass away in glory
As I did come in glamour
Leaving no friends nor foes behind
For I was my own friend and foe.
I projected my concern for myself on others
Who were not less concerned with themselves for me.
The principle was simple
Which, simply stated, was that '
You save your own soul
When your comrade fights his lone battle
For the sake of principle of a dubious kind
To shorten his suffering
Push him overboard
And say with a sharkish grin,
'Be a better rat and know in time
When the boat is sinking.'

Propped up by a Notification
I thought I had a spine
Put to test by those carrion-eaters
Who ride on the crest of democratic winds
In post haste zest I overtook them
In performing the committed acrobatics
My cool conscience had no qualms
Because the supreme test is
Who won at last.

I think I die a hero
Do you think, no?
That is so
Because you have been a big zero.
Altruism in our time is
To perpetuate the race
Which feeds on its own kind.

Sic transit gloria mundi.


More By  :  Kumud Biswas

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