Theme: Emancipation

Babasaheb Ambedkar

Oh sun! You rose

To shine the frozen gloom in our lives,

Shined not only the hearts but illumined our lives,

As if our lives were eternal prisoners in the dark deserts of eternity

And freeing us from it was then your aspiration,

So marched on with your grand power

To pen the deep down history lane; 

Reinstated the perverted history

By restoring the human dignity that was in wane… 

Rediscovered the new realms of history

History….! Which was a mystery, nothing else.

Poured your mighty flow

To sharpen the dead stones with your mighty blow,

As if you, the water, and we, on your way, the rough dead stones,

Dead stones were we that you turned into pebbles then and excelled forever our tone…

And then we learnt to raise a strong voice,

And now we stamp the strongest protest to bury the Varna system deep down….


O sun!

You understood our moans

And post-mortem their roaring tones;

The tones then had caused our fall

You erected then the new mighty wall

And furnished it with the power all

That eliminated those beasts and cowards all.

Gave us message ‘Educate, Organize and Agitate’ to fight for human rights,

That poured us in the perpetual burning of volcano’s mouth and made us fight

So now we erupt volcanoes to destroy the Varna tower Manu erected... 


More By  : Dr. Ghansham Sardar Baviskar

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