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Man and Manhunt

Off from the super celestial sparks
I am getting diminished, gradually belittled
In the dingy tunnel-life.
Short of breath I sink in the crowds of throbs,
The artificial light blindfolds me
By throwing several luxurious comforts
In my exploring eyes.
The doctor fails to feel and heal my sore.
In me floats only the helplessness of my soul
Who wants to leave the ailing body
Fallen in the existential lurch.

Sobbing mob around me dances for nothing.
They hide their cascading tears
But drops of those unseen tears flood mine
Bleeding my throbbing heart.
The darkness of sorrow is so deep and scaring
My life, blind and dumb, wretched
Somehow wears a heavier paining garland 
Of age-long wounds and scars
Hung around my heart in the center--the corpse!

I am wrapped in white without knowing
The colour of the velvety cradle in escalating cries.
As He is deaf and blind to the cries
I am all ears and eyes for my sojourn of solitude.
Self-declared as His counterpart this side
Out of the prolonged antagonism against Him
I always stand on my own staggering feet 
To face and confront the One 
Who is no longer there in front of me.

Life is what is lived, and relived with aplomb.
Even Death tends to explore in the dead
Some remains of life rubbed against struggles,
Nuggets of soul shine bright eternal
Beyond, even if I see my Self empty of me
Yet will be full of what I have had-- 
The undying zest and zeal to live a heavenly life.


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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