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My Only Memory of You

by Samantha M Bayer
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Moonless nights and starry skies.
A twinkle and a shine.
Make a wish on shooting stars-
A coincidence, three to pass by.
The ebb and flood of the tide
Life’s ups and downs to remind.
The rustling of the waves…
I feel it deep inside,
And looking at its vastness
Is exquisite in the moonless night.

Standing on the shore
Feeling the rush in the air
Of salt, cold freshness,
Of new life and a new day.
The mountain to the north,
Silhouetted to the dark sky
Like a giant any moment to wake.
The light of a chapel;
A little sign of hope;
Like a lamp in the darkness
All could behold.

Midnight and fishermen wake
Their boats and nets to retrieve.
On the far horizon of the rustling ocean
Glimmering, are lights of gold.
Of creatures on ships at anchor
Us, on shore wondering what they hold.
In the quiet of this starry night
Sit two mortals on the shore.
Their minds in discussion
Nothing to get them bored.

Supposing the presence of Neptune
Or his emergence from the depths of the sea.
They marvel the tide; its eternal wonder;
To flood and recede each time.
Mortals lost in worlds they own
Worried about none but their own.
Lost in each others arms;
For hours too long to keep count.
Strangeness in every sense of the word
Beauty and love did it give birth.
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