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Daydreaming; and more ...


I think daydreaming is for fools
even if you’re bored in the classroom.
It is so much better to be learning
instead of out the window gazing!
I wonder what they think about
when the teacher isn’t looking,
Do they cruise in clouds of shoes in the sky,
plucking candies too?
When they see a monkey black,
Do they wonder about it in slacks?
Wearing a shirt red and sash blue,
perched on the head of a kangaroo?
The sun is yellow not green,
I look over the window beam,
It is a square wearing glares
and its teeth are sparkling in glee!
I look around my quiet classroom,
My mates into their books are glued
solving problems of a topic in Math
whilst I fancy about elephants in hats!


There are unspoken words,
But not a soul with an ear.
Feelings air tight in a bottle,
The bottle can accommodate no more.
Waves crash liberally against rocks,
Where does he crash?
Not a soul with an ear,
They evict not from the overburdened heart.
Ensconced in the pulsating organ,
They dare not surface to the apathetic.
He rather crash against rocks,
Not an audience for his unspoken words.
Time heals not the wounds,
Words bitter are mightier than swords,
Not a soul with an ear,
Who will help him forget and grow?

Joyful Rain!

Rain, rain, rain!
Keep the sun at bay,
While you pitter patter,
I skitter skatter,
Like a bird I sway!
Rain, oh rain!
Stay all through May,
When you gurgle burble,
I tumble wumble,
Like a frog I hop and play!
Rain, happy rain!
Please don’t go away,
I love how you swisher swasher,
With you I pitter patter,
Let us skip and dance today!

Let's Clean

Pick up a broom,
Pick up a brush,
My room is a mess,
C’mon let’s rush!
The toys all over,
Books are scattered,
By the end of it all
I’ll be knackered!
My mom says to me:
Clean daily, Aimee,
I think I’ll listen to her,
Else, I’ll be weary!
Oh, so much to do!
If I hurry; if I scurry,
I’ll finish in time for games in the park!
So, let’s not delay and be no lazy duck,
It’s Sunday today,
Not to waste on work!

My Room

In my room live all kinds of dinosaurs,
Sometimes at night I can hear them roar!
I’ve littered the space with boxes and cards
to serve as rocky land and supine grass.

My room’s a war land of soldiers in green,
Galloping horses and swords of steel,
I am quite sure there are other things too,
The tail of a dead lizard inside an old shoe.

I have an aquarium of colourful, little fishes
that love to nibble on chips and crunches!
My sister says my room is like a zoo,
I wonder why when I have pets so few!

My room can be an interesting place for you,
Lots of books about the animals strewn,
Insects in jars; beetles wriggling in haste,
Best of all is my little spidey mate!

Sheer Exuberance !

Beheld a frog jump?
I was impersonating one,
The day math o’ level finished forever
(Or so I thought)!
I was initially scared,
The Day of Judgement approached,
Trembling like a child,
Bogeyman would gun me down!
A cordial invitation to the bullet,
O’ horror when
Expectorated the wretched gun!
Fear & hatred tinted maths,
Calculators & digits:
Hey, I am no Einstein
(Or was he a mathematician?!)
And a solemn oath: I never will be!
My grade was an ‘E’,
I (honest to God) wasted my potential,
I tried, tried & tried,
Gosh! Scientists worked a fraction to invent.
In college it was an ‘A’,
O’ horror again:
Numbers clung like best mates!
I was considered Einstein,
(Uh-oh) no offences mate!
A temporary moment I cherished,
Birds were yodelling in my head!
The grass not clichéd green,
Multi-coloured I imagined it to be!
Party time arrived,
No potential wasted in indulging,
But truth forever haunts,
God, have mercy!
Math is a nightmare,
Unfortunately, the truth too,
Tackled courageously it will be conquered,
Invincible as I am,
Math cannot overpower me!
My ghost mask waits,
Knock-knock, Who’s there?
Math, comes the reply
A diabolic grin plasters my face,
Whose scream is it this time?

Silent Tear

Like a silent whisper,
Soft in your ear,
Words of reassurance,
Kindling new hope.
Like silent breathing,
A good deed remains silent,
The secret will open,
Patience is fruit of gold.
Like a silent prayer,
Yearning of the heart,
Your heart will speak,
Time will approach you.
Silent tear,
May scream for attention,
It will be noticed,
Words are no crutch for emotions.


Flip flops, slippers,
sandals and mules,
The motto of the new gene:
look stylish and cool!

Life of a teen girl’s
flaunting skirts or shorts;
Fuchsia, lavender,
blush-on and lip gloss!

Gossips, sleepovers,
giggles and tears,
Let’s not forget:
be friendly with peers.

Parties, beaches,
movies and malls,
Expanding circles
after school hours.

Nerdy geeks
and popular jocks,
Leather jackets
or purple socks?!

Stylish or plain,
don’t judge like a fool.
Trendy is the one
that follows the rules.


More By  :  Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

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