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Dreamland; and more


He was made of sand and soil, his house was made of wood and mud
He called it “Dream land” as his children slept and slept
Until they had dreams and dreams, he suitably called it dream land
The sun rises late in dream land so the children could sleep
The noon was their morning but evening was their afternoon
The lunch was their breakfast and dinner was their lunch
The nights became day and day brought their dreams
They slept and dreamt as they too started calling it dream land.
The dogs slept the birds slept as their master dreamt
The old man is no more, but his children are still dreaming
The postman and courier man dream of their dreamland
Dreams are their property dreams are their memories
Dreams are their future and so they still call it the “House of Dreams”

Day Dreaming

Oh Lord! Grant me
The heart of Mother Teresa
The tolerance power of Nelson Mandela
The speaking power of Swami Vivekananda
The brain power of Bill Gates
The greatness of Alexander
The agility of Carl Lewis
And the swiftness of Bruce Lee
The Eyes and vigor of Roger Moore
The physique of Sylvester Stallone
And the sudden death of John. F. Kennedy

Oh Lord - grant me all this as it costs you nothing.

My Best Friend

This is a poem of a very docile dog called Tommy
Sleeps in air-condition rooms
Takes leaf tea along with Marie biscuit
Does not take bread without butter
Takes chicken biriyani for lunch
Chilled water after food
Does what he wants,
Takes sun bath even in summer
Fond of non vegetarian food,
But does not touch any medicine ,
Gives warning if any dangerous reptiles in view,
Weakness for ladies but still bites them,
Takes herbal medicines for his health
If you want to meet him you may be his 29th victim
With so much of good quality people don’t want to steal him
Still a bachelor as no lady dogs are interested in him
His duty is over once the boss comes home
Expert in biting with slightest of provocation
He likes guest who bring non vegetarian food
Please hurry up his birth day is approaching fast.
He coolly sleeps on carpet as I write this for you.

My Dreams

My dreams are not always realized
But enjoy them as long as they last
Dreams make me cry and rejoice
Makes me laugh and fulfill my desires
Dreams are after all dreams
They come at night and vanish as the day breaks
All my desires are not fulfilled but my dreams are
Dreams are my past but future is my destiny
But life without dreams is man without a life.

Oh God! Why you made us old

Oh God why you made us old?
What you get is a sadist pleasure
There are better ways to teach us a lesson
Oh God why you made us old?
The withering body, the fallen teeth
The wrinkled skin and the failing eye sight
The increasing desire but the decreasing strength
Oh God why you made us old?
The aching joints and the trembling gait
The thinning scalp and the graying brain
The shrunken cheeks and the stammering voice
Oh God why you made us old?
The changing world makes us a laughing stock
The laughter and the friends are no more
We are like cars without tyres
We are like birds without feathers
We are like flowers without fragrance
We are trees with out leaves
We are like lambs waiting to be slaughtered
We are dust to be swept away
The children are away the birds are dead
Wife is no more
Oh God why you made us old?

Paper Tiger

A team of millionaire
A team of blasters
A team of experts
A team of record breakers
A team of models
A team of losers
A team of mediocre

In cricket they call it team India
They are sixth amongst tens
They are eighth amongst twelve
They are nothing in ICC
They lose every match
Still get millions

A run cost a fortune
A day wage can build a house
But the rest work and work
As they can’t meet both ends meet
They are called Indian farmers

Players get richer doing nothing
Farmers plough land to get harvest
Workers in blast furnace produce steel
Still they are poor as they are Indians

But you produce nothing but get every thing
You produce tears in our eyes when you lose
But you continue to walk on ramps

Oh paper tigers we had enough of you
Do some thing or perish
Win for the country and bring the lost glory


More By  : Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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