Theme: Fantasy

A Starry Visit

The stars are dancing in the night sky
Without a care in the world,
They’re dancing for their Queen Moon
Their starry beams unfurled.

They seem fascinating to me
Twinkling at such a height,
They’re calling me to go to them
To see them is a sight.

They’re calling me, they’re inviting me
But I don’t know the way.
So they’re sending a star to be
To guide me all the way.

When I reached there, I told them how
I never learned to fly.
So they put me on the Queen Moon’s lap
And raced through all the sky,

I go and tell them all goodbye
It’s time for me to go home.
The little star takes me back again
And now I am home alone.

Every night I see the sky
Wanting to see the star,
Wanting him to come again
Back to me so far.

I never saw him come again
Though I wanted to go,
I never again got the chance
From the ground that is so low.

At last I came to the conclusion
That I’ll never go there again,
That every child gets just one chance
But I want to go back to them.


More By  :  Sunwrita Dastidar

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