Theme: Faith

Have Faith

You’ll never be alone
You’ll always have a home
A place you can go back to
Or a place which will see you through
Through ‘Your Path’.
Do you know where to find this place?
It’s different for everyone
I’ll tell you if you’ll listen to me
So go on, be brave and hold on
Seek ‘Your Courage’.
This place that you seek was always there
Right there in your heart, deep inside
Don’t be scared to go on, just try
It will never do to hide
Reach ‘Your Target’.
Believe in your heart, you can never go wrong
Listen to it and you’ll always find a way
Even if it seems impossible at that time
Hear, at the same time, what your mind has to say
Find ‘Yourself’.
You’ll have to do this and more
To be successful in your life
Take it from me and you’ll be sure
What is true and what’s just lure
What is easy, what is right
Just go, go beyond your mind.


More By  :  Sunwrita Dastidar

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