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Gods and Goddesses One Great Power

Bead-String in one hand and Book in another hand
Goddess Saraswathi sits on a White Lotus
Victoriously invoking art with her beautiful Veena
Eternally divine notes infinite
To grace the ardent one with knowledge to stand in this world
And have a permanent place in that world!

Sitting on a Pink Lotus Goddess Lakshmi shines bright
In all her glory wearing Ornaments of Gold and Diamonds
Gracing the suitably great persons with
Progress, prosperity and wealth;
Briefly, beautiful Sri Lakshmi symbolizes all
Wealth, comfort and jollity wherever she is present!

Goddess Sakti majestically sits on the Red Lotus with
A Trisul in one hand and a Tambourine in another hand
Ready to slay down the formidable foes,
Who act arrogantly against dharma in the world;
Also, without Sakti no one can survive fighting
Courageously against adharma in the world!

So, Saraswathi is the source and for the development of
Knowledge for everyone in the world;
Lakshmi is the source and for the development of
Wealth for everyone in the world;
And Sakti is the source and for the development of
Power for everyone in the world!

Without knowledge creation of any kind
Cannot be good and great;
Without wealth protection of lives
Cannot last longer;
Without power destruction of evil
Cannot be perfectly complete!

To accomplish those aspects the Consorts of these Goddesses,
Brahma, Vishnu and Siva are there respectively
Looking after the duties of Creation, Protection and Destruction
Both in the world and in the Universe
In many Forms of Incarnations variously pointing out
The One All Pervading Great Power!

Four Vedas in the four hands of the four headed Brahma
Sits on a beautiful Lotus Flower,
Whose stem is connected to
The abdominal navel point of Lord Vishnu
Doing the duty of creation of Stars, planets
And living beings in the Universe!

Lord Vishnu reclining over the five headed Snake Bed
Comforted by the hand pressings of Lakshmi of His leg calves,
And surrounded by the Gods of Heaven ponders over
The ways to protect the Good against the Bad
Keeping ever ready in His hands weapons like
Chakra, Conch and Club to do His duty of protecting dharma!

Sitting on the highest Snow Mountain top
In a best possible yogic position
With a String of Beads, Holy Water Pot
And Trisul in His hands
Lord Siva coolly calculates each and everything
And performs His duty of destruction in time!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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