Theme: Imagination

If My Wheelchair Had Wings

As I sat in my balcony watching the birds fly,
In the light orange coloured sky.
My mind started imagining unbelievable things,
As if my wheelchair had amazingly grown wings.

Suddenly my wheelchair started flying,
It was surely daytime and I was not dreaming.
I pinched myself to make sure to see if it was true,
The pain told me yes, among the sailing clouds blue.

I saw big and small birds flying near me,
And there were so many fantastic things to see.
The plane passing near me made so much noise,
Which made me almost fall down but also made me shout
With joy at the top of my voice.

I saw huge skyscrapers looking so tiny,
And the radiant sun far away but shiny.
There was much more to explore but I began to frown,
As I realised my wheelchair was taking me down.

The jetspeed ride down was full of fun,
I felt that my heart and body had started to run.
I thanked my dear wheelchair for making my day,
And promised to make others happy in my own special way.


More By  :  Ankita Panda (Late)

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