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On Mathematicians

Emil Artin---he
invented class field theory,
branch of Algebra.

Karl Pearson applied
Statistics to the field
of Biometrics.

"Godel's proof" furthered
the work of Bertrand Russell
and Alfred Whitehead.

John von Neumann played
a key role in Game Theory
and Cybernetics.

David Hilbert's work
pioneered the advent of
Quantum Mechanics.

Kolmogorov--- the
most influential Soviet

Norbert Wiener came
up with Cybernetics, which
means in Greek, "Steersman."

Turing theorized
that machines could be made to
think. He could do it!

Richard von Mises
did work in Philosophy
and Mathematics.

Charles Spearman's work in
intelligence; linked to that
of factor theory.

Ramanujam was
the greatest Indian Pure

Richard Courant was
active in war-related
scientific work.

Sir Harold Jeffreys---
British Geophysicist
and Astronomer.

Jerzy Neyman---he
developed behavioral
Applied Statistics.

George Birkoff founded
theories of Gravitation
and of Esthetics.

Emma Noether---she
conducted key research in
Abstract Algebra.

George Boole developed
Boolean Algebra, which
led to computers.

William Gossett wrote
under pen name "student." He
developed t-test.

George Box---noted for
his theory of Time-Series
and its forecasting.

Oswald Veblen---a
pioneer in the theory
of Topology.

George Cantor founded
modern Set Theory and point-
set Topology.

Alfred Tarski was
a Mathematician and
a Logician too.

Nick Bourbaki is:
pen name of a group of French

Maurice Kendall is
the great synthesizer of
modern Statistics.

John Tukey produced
exploratory data
analytic mode.

R. A. Fisher chained
experimental design
onto Statistics.


More By  :  Richard H. Williams

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