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Why I Can't Get A Septic Tank

My cousin wants to build me a septic tank and he wants to get right to it.

Even though his heart is in the right place, I can't let him do it.

Ten years ago, my girlfriend really made me mad.

I did something to her that was extremely bad.

I hit her when she dumped me and I hit her too hard.

I broke her neck and I buried her in my backyard.

I told my cousin that I can't afford a septic tank and he said he'll build it for free.

I'll have to keep saying No because if I don't, prison will be what's in store for me.

He can't build a septic tank in my front yard because there isn't enough room.

If he puts one in my backyard, I can kiss my butt goodbye because I'll be doomed.

I told people that my girlfriend moved to another town and they believed what I said.

My cousin wants to build a septic tank but my life will be ruined if I let him go ahead.

I didn't mean to kill my girlfriend but what's done is done.

When it comes to a septic tank, I can't let my cousin build one.

My cousin doesn't want me to keep using the outhouse that's in my front yard.

But it beats the hell out of being arrested, tried and having to live behind bars.


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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