Theme: God


You have seen god,
I too have seen god.

God is in every frame of nature one sees,
Sometimes in mass and speed of tiny particle,
Sometimes in host of daffodils by the lakeside,
and sometimes in the brush giving final touch to tulip

Sometimes god speaks to tiny sparrow picking a grain,
Or in the last trip the boatman ferrying the kids home,
In the setting sun shining a little longer
for the ploughman to the hamlet to find his way

The sweet smile of someone to reveal the mystery,
The tears of a mother who lost her son in the war,
The sound of hammer and the chisel of the sculptor
to create an intricate figurine for the temple fresco

Man created god and god created man with love
and in honest effort: god and man are one and never different.
You have seen god,
I too have seen god. 


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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