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Pendulous Predicament

The pendulum is swaying
Incessantly, relentlessly, continuously
Rocking and swinging. Back and forth. Side to side
He stops momentarily
And then gets compelled back into motion
The potential is there as he stops
And then he starts moving
- pulled by his desire to do
Kinetic is addicting.
Jubilant, bubbly, full of exuberance
It's fun. Hypnotic and magnetic.
Attractive and seductive
It's a galvanizing reality.
Seemingly enduring and perpetual
How Beautiful!

And then things change
He starts asking…
Do I HAVE to keep going on and on?
Why? Is there a purpose?
It's so repetitive. So monotonous. So boring
Do I have a choice?
Can I stop?

He then resolves to realize his promise
He wants to rest. Cease the swinging.
To finally not do and just be
And experience the potential he had seen
In those fleeting moments of quietude
Self-discovery is so exciting - arousing and invigorating

So he tries to stop his motion
He focuses all his attention, thought and being
into making this happen
But finds himself moving faster
The oscillation has become even erratic and random
The more he tries the worse it gets
He feels depressed and overcome by despondency

Why can't I stop?
Why is peace so elusive?
Is there a way that I can make this happen?
Is there somebody who can help me -
who can answer my questions?

He looks around and finds numerous teachers eager to help
Each of them offering their technique and method assuring results
But these are words and promises - pies in the skies
They simply don't work
And then he looks carefully
Only to find all these teachers themselves swaying like him
Albeit in a more artful way, in a more crafty fashion
Giving the semblance of stillness
But it is not so at all!
So how can they really teach?
He feels utterly disillusioned

Then he hears a voice from somewhere
You are your own teacher my child the voice whispers
The more you try the further away you will go
All journeys only take you away from your true self
Listen to yourself and you will attain
Just be yourself
You don't have to do anything. Let go!
The voice seems so close that it must be coming from within

The voice is so peaceful, radiant and complete
It makes him just slip into a state of not doing
And slowly his agitation within starts to subside
The motion starts to diminish
A harbinger of peace as it was. Serenity seems within grasp

Lo and Behold he finds himself not moving at all!
He gets immersed in tranquility that he never knew even existed
He is in tune with everything
In his silence he can hear, feel and experience everybody
It's so marvelous that his whole being is exuding love and grace
He is ripe!

And then a gust of wind comes along
And he finds himself shaken out of this state and moving again
He cries - don't take this away from me. Please!
But to no avail
He is at the mercy of the blowing wind
And finds himself swaying as before
Why did this have to happen?
He is extremely angry and blames the wind and his ill-luck

And then the wind whispers in his ears
My beloved friend do not lose faith
Let me tell you a little secret
It is me as air that helped you come to rest
And it is me as wind that is making you move
It is me who helped you realize your potential
It is me who made you deviate from it
I am a manifestation of the pair of opposites
This is my nature and you will always get both this and that
So my dear one enjoy the swaying too
There is peace hidden in it too if only you choose to find it

Having heard this he intuits that the swaying is no different from stillness
It is just an unbroken tapestry
Woven by the threads of silence
Manifesting the supreme fabric of creation
He transcends time - paradoxically, experiencing a dynamic unity
The swaying sprouts into a joyous, harmonious celebration
Turning an Inspired Moment to a Momentous Inspiration!


More By  :  Maalok

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