Theme: Life

On The Road

At the break of the dawn,
When the sun's golden rays,
Hit through the dark clouds,
Bringing tidings of a lovely day,
I hit the road hard,
My shoes pounding on the gravel,
I'm all alone and free,
In my own private world,
Where i do not face deadlines,
Nor the fear of traffic jams,
And noxious fumes belching,
From antiquated pipes into my nose,
I do not have to bother about,
What I say, what I wear,
In a world where I have no need,
To be with it, or conform,
Where I don't have to throw,
Plastic smiles at people I hate,
Where I don't have to suffer,
Taking orders from jerks,
Who happen to be on top of me,
Due to their dad's lineage,
Where I don't have to stiffen,
Myself in the name of propriety,
Where I am all alone myself,
Where I can just be myself,
I run along the road,
Carrying my world along with me,
And savoring a world,
That is still beautiful and not spoilt.


More By  :  Ratnakar Sadasyula

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