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Perfectly Imperfect

The spirit of present mankind yearns for the freedom
From one millennium to the other -
Followed by the self-expressions, protected like a baby
Inside the womb of the mother!
Thirst for the truth and beauty may vary
From the day one till the last beat of our heart -
But perfection is the underlying desire
Reflected neatly by an artist through a visual art!

Influence of 'thinkers' working in the shade
Seems to serve the needs of a certain race -
Although it's too hard to prove, the truth greens,
As soon as the mask falls off the face!
Obscured intentions, beneath the veiled purpose
May serve the needs for the immediate turn -
But the effects in the next millennium could resemble
A domino game to fan the mental burn!

As a visionary, I see that solution of ecological problems
Is a jigsaw puzzle that's not yet over -
Because of the fate of all toxic chemicals leaching
And flying into ground and air likes to hover!
Pollution of earth may broaden our knowledge,
But will promote domination and greed -
To satisfy the neurons of the power mongers
Encapsulated in the new millennium breed!

Well, based on all of the above, I believe, that time is ripe now
To seek priorities of mankind -
In the third millennium, to put an end to tyranny
And enlighten ourselves to find peace of mind!
Let us unite now and follow the enchanted road of mental revolution,
Leading to pride and joy -
While we erase the system, drenched in prejudice with racism,
That uses greed as the only toy!

Today, our dreams spin around the third millennium,
And wait for the shower of reality in the eye -
To focus on the enlightenment quickly, via new knowledge
For our eternal life before we may die!
So let us empower ourselves to squelch against inequity
And allow the expressions of silent voice -
Suppressed during the past millenniums, that is perfectly imperfect,
And ensure the equal choice!!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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