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Is Religion The Biggest Industry?

So finally, another puja came
and has now gone.

"Puja is coming",
what a feeling!
Year in and year out,
we look to this day,
like others do
for Id and Christmas.

Is it religion really?
As far as the Puja is concerned,
it is the best time of the year:
The lush green of the field,
and the harvest,
and the clearest sky of the year
when all dust particles of the atmosphere
have been washed down
by the just gone rains.
Spirit is high.
So you want to thank the almighty.
Women will remember
their parental home
in their high spirits.
Families will remember their daughters
given away in marriage
as per rules of society.
So this tale has been mooted:
Ma Durga comes to her parental home
with children:
Ma Durga comes to our home.
So we rejoice.
Ma Durga, incarnation of power of all Gods
comes to our home
like our daughter!
So we pray too.

Can a better story be weaved
by the humankind
of love, affection,
rejoicing and fulfillment!

So there is no stopping.
Durga Puja gets
grander by the years
engulfing the whole world slowly and slowly.
Painstaking efforts and art
go to water bodies just after five days!

But just hold,
what do we do really?
Do business too
keeping the occasion in the mind!

Somewhere there is religion,
the Puja, being marginalized by the day
in the grandeur.

But hold, does it not happen
with all religions?
Should one not show more restraint
as far as the commerce goes?
Or like sports,
religions too must be converted
to opportunities for more and more commerce
and are fated to be the biggest industries
of this world!
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More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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