Theme: Life


by Rajender Krishan
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If life is cyclical
a mere play
an inexorable Leela


What is this phenomenon
of recurring births and deaths
that the Scriptures talk about?
What is Salvation
that everyone wants to attain?

I asked Amma.

Amma replied:

While being physically alive
everyone goes through
            without volition
millions of microscopic cycles
of the birth and death marvel

Most remain oblivious to this wonder

What? I asked perplexed

Amma explained:

In between the heartbeats
           incarnating birth and death
is the tiny space
encapsulating the cosmos
where Life lives majestically
in myriad forms and impulses

Life is in the Now
of cause and effect
Not in the past nor in the future

Be Silent and Listen*
To what Life wants to say
Meditate on the experience
Get not attached
Simply immerse
Become the Witness

Then? I asked overwhelmed

Amma went on:

There will be
Nothing more to know
Nothing to gain, nothing to Lose

All conceptual debates
of birth, death, cycles, salvation
known and unknown
will adjourn and merge
in the abyss of silence

The Leela will march on
with the vibrance and radiance
of its own glory

Amma suggested:
Try it!

… and, the quest goes on …

* Simply rearranged, the alphabets used to write “Silent” and “Listen” are same.
   Perhaps to listen comprehensively one must indeed be truly silent.

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Illustration by Niloufer Wadia


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Comments on this Poem

This is all we need to know about meditation and experiencing

the infinite leela "here and now."

Very complex subject handled in a comprehensive, poetic way.

I salute the poet in you which mirrors the spiritual.

Thanks for sharing.

Aneeta Chakrabarty

20-Jul-2020 17:01 PM

Comment The resemblance between 'listen' and 'silent' is very wonderful. The quest knows no limits. It encouters a series of riddles in time's powers. A highly philosophical poem gushed from your poem.

20-Jul-2020 08:43 AM

Comment Highly philosophical subject, put in simple, beautiful words.
Kudos bhayi.

V.K. Joshi
19-Jul-2020 00:12 AM

Comment Very captivating lines . Every line of your poem is very charming.

18-Jul-2020 09:53 AM


17-Jul-2020 22:53 PM

Comment The most complex issues
rendered so beautifully...
Gushing out straight from
the recesses of your heart and delicately intertwined with the knowledge of the mind
result - as an overwhelming experience for both..
the reader and the writer.
Wow! congrats!

Neera Pradhan
17-Jul-2020 21:33 PM

Comment Jab tak saansa hai tab tak aas hai, as long as the breath so long the hope is, after that whatever be it shall have to face. Samsara, its sukha, dukha, what to say about for being trapped into the mire of Maya with Sundari as beloved wife? There is is no way out.
Just keep you seeing the Divine Leela as a child, an innocent child quite ignorant of and leaving it all into the hands of his.

bijay kant dubey
17-Jul-2020 13:39 PM

Comment The human life cycle starts at alpha and continues till omega.The poem covers the cycle in a fascinating and profound way. Congrats!! Frank Barar,

Dr. Frank Barar
17-Jul-2020 08:58 AM

This cycles may be just one continuum of 'is'. Once you identify with that, then births, deaths and what come in between are just sequences within this continuum. Just thinking aloud.

Sujatha Warrier
17-Jul-2020 05:14 AM

Comment Poetic expression of the eternal cycle...

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
17-Jul-2020 05:01 AM

Comment A wonderful spiritual poem.

17-Jul-2020 02:31 AM

Comment In deed
"The Leela will march on
with the vibrance and radiance
of its own glory"
sums up life, so it seems.

BS Murthy
17-Jul-2020 00:39 AM

I don't believe in the rebirth. I believe in
Life is in the Now
of cause and effect
Not in the past nor in the future
Nice poem, superbly narrated

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
16-Jul-2020 22:48 PM

Quest must continue, for above Someone is watchful ...

p c katoch
16-Jul-2020 21:52 PM

Comment Wow RKji, the profundity of this 'Quest' asking for more from you on the philosophy of life! It makes one muse over the content after reading..thank you!

G Swaminathan
16-Jul-2020 21:21 PM

Comment Rajenda is connected to the creative forces of the universe that opens his mind to receive some of the answers to many deep questions most people struggle to answer.

He translates the messages with his insightful poetry that is a pure delight, illuminating the readers thoughts into the soul's divine fountain that dwells within the eternal moment.

Michael Levy
16-Jul-2020 21:12 PM

Comment Every thing is in the Supreme Being, Amma. Only pray trusting divinity.

vvb ramarao
16-Jul-2020 20:55 PM

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