Theme: Enchantment

Land of Hope and Stories

Take me to a land where music plays, where 
The melodies change into wood dryads and satyrs,
Playing sounds of joy and freedom on silver flutes 
And mahogany pan pipes. 

Where the rabbit dances a trot with mister fox, 
And sparrows hitch thrill rides on the backs 
Of mighty hawks which swoop upon hard-working 
Dwarves, stealing hats for their new nests. 

Where trees sway in the breeze, smiling greetings 
To every passing traveller and baby squirrels chase
The wild cat's kittens around the tree. 

Take me to a land where children laugh and play
And the only loud sound is an angry cracker jack. 
A land where the sun warms the bones and stirs the spirit
Where the rain arrives on time every day for afternoon 
Refreshment, bathing all with a sprinkling shower. 

Take me to a world where at evening time, wise owls 
Call to all and at myriad gatherings of souls they 
Tell tales of pain, death and destruction
Of another world where the creatures are not so fortunate.


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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