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The Brahmaputra


Life is Brahmaputra!
Wide, large, infinite;
Perilous beauty!
The Brahmaputra is You!

The Brahmaputra is an emporium
Of the trials and triumphs of humanity,
Encased in timelessness,
Giving its gifts for free!

The Brahmaputra is the vivid imagination
Of childhood years,
Its fructification,
In the maturing years!

Magnificent like persons of great eminence,
The Brahmaputra is a revelation.

The Brahmaputra - a permanent image
In the annals of enamelled time,
A light,
A song.
The Brahmaputra is a million-limbed vision
Of multitudinous magnificence,
Like the million-petalled Sun-God
A guidance to tranquillity!

The Brahmaputra is the penetrating heaven,
Moving in and out of human experience,
The proof of the living conscience.

The Brahmaputra is beauty,
Dipped deep in divinity,
The Mother of emotions,
The Father of thought.

The Brahmaputra is the frail human being
With all her shortcomings,
Dance of fantasy and reality,
Drowned in the dainty dance of eternity.

The Brahmaputra is birth and death,
It is the beginning and the end,
The end of the beginning and
The beginning of the end.

The Brahmaputra is Lord Ganesha,
The highest wisdom of humanity.
The Brahmaputra is a waterfall of beauty,
The grand heights of human sublimity.

The Brahmaputra is the ocean of infinite joy,
Immeasurable, full of lasting love.

The Brahmaputra is Truth,
The highest Truth conceivable in human vision.

The Brahmaputra is the Light from the Heavens,
Descending on the earth,
To free the ailing and the suffering
From their wretchedness.

The Brahmaputra is the distilled wisdom of the sages,
From the ages.

The Brahmaputra is the shadow shattered,
Brought into reality.

The Brahmaputra is the unfailing lamp,
Guiding us to our destinations,
Through the path of tribulations,
Leading to Final and Total Triumph.

The Brahmaputra is the creator of all human experiences,
The Brahmaputra is Brahman, Himself.

The Brahmaputra is the story of India,
The epic story of Ramayana,
It is the blend of antiquity
And modernity.

The Brahmaputra is an aspiration,
A Bodhisattva,
The dance of Lord Shiva,
Dissolving dark dimensions.

The Brahmaputra is a happy child,
Playing in the lap of Mother Nature,
The Brahmaputra is our Mother,
Who gives us warmth, food and shelter.

The Brahmaputra is the song divine,
Dissolving space and time.

The Brahmaputra is the culmination of all human aspirations,
With power to grant us final deliverance after deliberations,
It is the Living Conscience
In the canvas of the mind.

The Brahmaputra is an epic story,
The atom of our body,
It is creation itself,
The highest light.

The Brahmaputra is thought and emotion,
Word and deed,
Expression and gesture,
In divine mighty collaboration.

The Brahmaputra is Goodness,
The crown of every success,
The most blissful, blessed and beautiful.

The Brahmaputra is the shining armoured God,
In Rainbow colours,
Bathed in the essence
Of the fragrance of myriad flowers.

The Brahmaputra is the Highest Truth,
Highest Love,
Highest Beauty,
Highest Bliss.


(The Brahmaputra River flows through China, India and Bangladesh.)


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More By  : Dr. Padmapriya S

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