Theme: Friendship

Take My Hand

Some things of beauty are present
Some friends I could rely on
Amidst the strangers!
I have heard of universal brotherhood, 
That we all are connected
And if that is so, 
Why there is so much discrepancy, 
Politics and ill-will that compel
One to lose faith in everyone around? 
Being selective or being invisible I don't know
Above smiles and mere laughter
There lies something, something that allows you
To give your hand to dance together with someone
In the journey of your life!
Loyalty sprouts from care and sacrifice
By being there for someone
In times of need
Gives birth to friendship!
A respect, a gratitude, a reason to pay back
That melts your heart and when it solidifies
Makes a bond that is invincible 
That is beyond the season's change
Beyond come what may!
Then you could say 
By standing side to side
By boldly coming in front
That I will take a bullet
For you first
If needed.
That friendship lives
That friendship matters
And not the one where
There is an empty laughter
Without concern for each other. 
Here is the secret!
Every word that you utter
Must be backed up by its action!
That is done
Not to impress but out of genuine concern.
Check if they respect you
Not only on certain conditions
Or as per their situations suitable
But always, out of gratitude
Otherwise it's just politics.
Fooling the others to take advantage
By deceiving them.
Friends whom you can count on
Are blessings given by God
For you to compare the reliability
Of all the other bonds
That you share with others,
As a veil which you can unfold
With the presence of your mind.
Emotions veil, emotions unveil, 
Attachment assumes the thing
Tries to bridge the gap
That can't be filled
By you alone. 
Expectations hurt only
When the other person matters.
Make a conscious choice
Based on the actions of the other
Whether to give your hand 
To dance together or not
In the journey of your life.


More By  :  Neeraj Kumar

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