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Take Your Time and Heal Your Soul

There are some days,
when everything
seems perfect.
There are nights,
when everything
seems shattered.
Once you feel,
you have gathered all the courage
to stand up.
Later you feel,
you fell again.
In the morning you felt
all light-hearted.
And then in the evening
you carry the weight of your sorrows.
There are some days,
when you laugh
a little louder.
And there are some nights
when you keep crying in silence.

It's all about phases,
it's all about the
matter of
keep going,
It's all about
you are trying.
You are trying
to get over,
you are trying
to heal.
Healing does take
a lot of effort
and a lot of time.
But do remember,
we should always,
keep it going.

No matter,
how much time it takes,
No matter how many times,
we fall and rise.
Just believe
you are going to rise.
Do whatever it takes
Sit back, relax, cry, laugh, read,
listen to music, and so on.
Do what you want.
With time and process
you will heal.
Believe that you will do,
survive at the moment,
and then
see things happening
in favour of you.

Take your time and heal your soul.


More By  :  Daniya Mumtaz

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Life has always been a challenge at every stage.. remember how easily you could over come them when u were a child..because u could forgive and forget..and life was as beautiful as u felt..never let the child in you to die...
If you have done wrong to someone ...ask for forgiveness...if some one has done wrong to you... forgive.

Your life is your time ...give it to those who deserve it, who love u and care for might be someone for the world and for someone u r the world...
Quality of Your life will depend upon the type of people ur with..make good is never too late.. love you.

You know ...
08-Oct-2023 12:46 PM

Comment Suffering : is outcome of unregulated thoughts and emotions..that makes our Vriti ( Quality)...which further develop our Pravitri (Tendencies) and these converge to make Prakriti (Nature) which result in action to make our Prarabh ( future) the power to create our future lies with us ...

Soul is pure and it is indifferent to age, it the body and Mann that needs healing.

.Reach ur soul to feal its essence..

08-Apr-2021 13:43 PM

Comment The medics say to those in their care, 'Think positive!'
'But doctor...'
'Think positive!'
'How can I, when...'
'Uh uh - think positive!'
'I'll try, but...'
'No 'but' - think positive!'

Richard Ashby
23-Aug-2020 17:24 PM

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