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Once Upon A Death

Why do people suffer, sob and look sad?
Because they chose to do so out of many options available
Then why can't they see the other options?
Probably they never think that there are other options?
What are these other options?
Simple; not to suffer, not to sob and never to be looked sad!

What the hell are you taking about?
Under normal circumstances nobody suffer, sob and look sad.
Its only under adverse conditions does a man choose to be that way.
Because suffering, sobbing and becoming sad provide a vent out for the pent-up feelings.

Therefore, we chose to suffer, sob and look sad
Only for balancing our own being.
Now tell me can any one still choose to be the other way
Knowing fully well that suffering and sobbing and becoming sad are natural reactions?

Yes, you can still choose not to suffer, sob and become sad!
How the hell you can do so?
Simple; question why should you suffer, sob and look sad.
Yes, we rarely question our actions, our choices and ourselves.

How can one think of questioning under extreme conditions like death of a beloved, etc.?
Then your conditioned response is always available to suffer, sob and look sad.
I give a damn to your philosophy. You can't say suffering, sobbing and becoming sad are wrong.
I never said that they are wrong. I only said they are few out of many choices.

Now you are talking many, say a few.
You can choose to be silent, sooth the other and self-observe.
But remember to suffer to halt the train of your memories; to sob to get
relief, to become Sad for not being able to share your feelings, if any.

So I can suffer, sob and look sad?
I have chosen to be silent from now on..


More By  :  IVNS Raju

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