Theme: Loyalty


by Sony Dalia
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Lonely, searching for food
wanders around each home in the street
most ignored but vigilant stray dog
guarding the street as its domain.

Patrol vans know him, Gurkhas too
sozzled souls at odd hours reaching home
love birds under shadowy branches
are known well as lines on a palm.

In the days of pandemic too, faithfully,
fearlessly at any hour in day or night
stray dog steadfastly sticks to his post.
He needs neither soft beds nor warm food.

Pet dogs lord over their kennel, space within
the home that treats them as Princes,
watchman or proud daughter of the home
parade, uncaringly dirtied by dog on leash.

Common man protests, though beaten, bundled in van
dares to raise straight issues, men in power dare not ask.
Pampered, pompous folks in plush homes watch T.V.
armchair critics cocooned in their own world.

Stray dog alone keeps strangers at bay
be it a dog, buffalo or bandit.
A fistful of food from any kind mother
makes him loyal to the whole locality!


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