Theme: Tribute

His Excellency

(A tribute to the former President of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam)

The king is the king of all men,
His empire stretches far and wide,
Omnipotent leaving none,
Taking all in his stride.
The king commands armies,
He rules over hearts,
Playing resplendently the Harp of Humanism,
Seeing India from atop ‘The Raisina’!
He rules with his tremendous intellect,
And sublime gentleness;
A man with a mission,
A developed fearless India is his vision.
His vocation is science and technology,
Intellectual resolution is his methodology;
Poet, writer, scholar, scientist,
He is many men in one,
'Vision 2020’, ‘Wings of Fire’,
His ideas prolific pour strength,
Igniting minds!
How many hurdles,
Must have been crossed,
To reach this zenith?
Undoubtedly, infinite!
His smiling face bears no telltale signs,
Of trauma and struggle, every minute!
His words and deeds will forever,
Be etched in our minds,
His countless noble gestures,
In our hearts a place, find,
Making statesmen out of ordinary men,
With the magical wand of uprightness!
This poem was published in 'Poet', an international poetry journal.


More By  : Dr. Padmapriya S

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