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God purging His Creation
man’s extinction…
Father killing his own children!
Preposterous, malicious propagation…
A beautiful universe
man, His marvelous creation
so complex, ever eager for evolution
despite his transgressions
enjoys an enviable position…
No, Devil seems to have won the race
Satan’s dice to demean His mace…
Man, himself turned a Satan
vitiated the pattern of Creation…
Ungrateful devil, incarnate evil!
Laws of creation, debunks them at will
defies the Creator, disdains His drill…
His rage decks him with the mask
forces Him to perform the unholy task…
When the Creator is shamed
by His own creation defamed
His persistent persuasion, cannot be tamed
forced to wield His wand
snubs His personal pain
His Cosmic duty in the main…
Man may be His choicest flower
out to trample the entire bower…
His bounden duty to restore the order
chastisement imperative for creating massacre…


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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