Theme: Play


As much as Om
the primordial energy
remains truly undescriptive,
the play of Purusha and Prakriti
also remains unfathomable

Seemingly distinct as
consciousness and matter
the inseparable duo
is blissful in its unity,
as the Ardhnarishwara

Engaged in unison, exploring
the unknown, they script the cyclic Leela
bequeathing uniqueness
to every character with a discrete mix
of the triguna rasayana

The diverse roles compliment,
supplement and compete, manifesting
infinite possibilities within the stratagem
of arrival, performance and departure
of each character on the constant stage of Life

The Masters suggest cognizing this marvel
and realizing that all dualities experienced
during the portrayal of the role assigned,
are transient, ephemeral and happening
merely for the joy of the Witness


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem


Lofty but logical
Spiritual but scientific
All encompassing but comprehensive
The creation of the Universe in the 'Play'
Conceived and delivered wonderfully.
Salutation to the poet and his Muse for such a great work!

Neera Pradhan
09-Jan-2021 03:58 AM

Comment they all remind one of Siva-Sakti or Matter- Energy together going on in the vast and infinite Universe and is also expressed in Science as E = mc2 by Albert Einstein. Nice thoughts to muse over ever!

T A Ramesh
04-Jan-2021 08:58 AM

Comment Starting with Pranava (the mystical syllable and cosmic sound), the verse traverses through the blend and fusion of duality of the Samkhya philosophy and legendary Puranas i.e. synthesis & synergy of Purusha and Prakriti into Ardhnariswara...and then condenses with the marvels of the Advaita Vedanta. Good read indeed!

Jaipal Singh
01-Jan-2021 22:49 PM

Comment Food for thought. Bliss for the seeker.

T.S.Chandra Mouli
01-Jan-2021 12:10 PM

Comment Vedanta is "personified". Good spiritual composition!

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
01-Jan-2021 06:47 AM

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