Theme: Strength

The Glass Mould

She was an exact glass mould.
She melted only in between-
2600 and 2800 Fahrenheit.
But it was quite easy to break her;
And quite easy to mould her back.
And she stood her ways, giving simple smiles back.
And she shaped and reshaped-
To the mould that accommodated her.
Not that she was weak, but...
She was transparent!
She was honest!
She was pure and powerful!
And she could cut the finest Diamond,
Yet she was fragile and ought
To be handled with utmost care.
Though many didn't care about it!
She could  magically transform
The sun's rays to the most beautiful Rainbow spectrum.
She came back ever after and ever.
Replacing the many unwanted!
To take positions as glimmering
Masterpieces shimmering in all gold.
She cut straight where she had to.
She weighed much-
When compared to all easy go's.
She stood for herself-
Moulding and remoulding herself back
In the most needy hours of dismay and distress.
And finally discovered herself alone-
In a dilapidated world.
Let her be the model, say role model.
Let her be the right example.
Let her be the right symbol of strength.
Let her be the hope 
Let her be the warning too.
Let her be my heroine too.
At last let her be the light that shows 
The world transparently to you and me
And, I adorn you my sweetheart!


More By  : Prof. Parvathy Ramachandran

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