Theme: Dream

A Pleasant Dream; and more

All these poems were originally written by Late Rashida D. Barar, wife of Dr. Frank S.K. Barar.>

A Pleasant Dream

I slept and dreamt a dream so dear;
The dream I'll remember and cherish.
It brought me Peace, Joy and Cheer,
Whose memory can never perish.
I walked through the rugged and dusty road
With a heavy heart full of care.
And heard the sound of laughter around,
Alone in the land of despair.

The roaming clouds and thundering winds
In the dark and dreary land.
Scared as a child I wished for wings,
Or to hold my Father's hand.

Frightened I gazed at the gate I found
In a long unending wall.
I peeped and felt a joy profound,
And a serene noble call.

Slowly I stepped in with unknown delight,
As if I entered the Holy ground.
I felt strange strength and burden light
To behold His glory around.

The refreshing breeze, a soothing shower
Brought rest to the weary soul.
It caught a smile from a blooming flower,
And honoured its precious goal.

I felt His presence in the trees,
His sacrifice in the flowing fountains.
His meekness I noticed in the gentle breeze,
And grandeur in the mountains.

A hush of wind, and rustle of leaves,
I heard, as I passed the trees.
Each other's branches the flowers clawed,
Is there a fear of gentle breeze?

Quietly I stood with perplexed thought,
Have I disturbed their calm?
Awakened by the wind that firmly brought
Nature's lamenting Psalm.

God made this earth a perfect spot,
And filled it with His Peace.
Oh sinful man, how thou hast rot,
His gift of Joy and Peace.

Peace; I uttered and walked with wonder;
Trusting His Assurance and Grace.
Thanking for saving from Stormy Thunder;
And restful blessed place.

The Stranger's Land

The wandering urge, or hope sublime,
To behold the unseen land.
A clear challenge of burning at night,
To heat of desert sand.

Fresh hopes captured the gypsy heart,
For a journey far away.
Hurriedly I packed to catch the train,
One night midsummer day.

Winding and whistling the train moved on,
Under the clear blue sky.
To hail the only visitor,
Leaves thousands began to fly.

Hot weary hours soon passed on,
Hue touched the cloudy frills.
When blazing furnace gently slipped
Behind the distant hills.

Cheerfully the birds announced the rest,
In soothing shade of night.
A host of twinkling stars appeared,
With the glow of faint moonlight.

The charm of sudden quietness, 
Lulled me to sleep.
While slowly the rocking cradle moved,
Piercing the darkness deep.

Soon the unrestful slumber ended,
A pleasant sound was heard. 
To welcome yonder twilight,
Sang the solitary bird.

The note of captive melody,
Broke the quiet spell.
Few others joined the chorus,
Night's darkness to dispel.

Fresh breath of morn deeply touched,
Unfolding a treasured plan.
When destined place the train stopped,
I beheld the stranger's land.

There the silent tale began,
A prologue to the fondest dream.
How bliss of countless gentle thoughts,
Have formed a flowing stream.

Many moons have come and gone,
Nourishing the tender hope.
Time may baffle the sweetest dream,
Harsh reality remains to cope.

The Thunderstorm

Behind the distant land is hidden,
Thy moving dazzling form.
I wait for my performance,
Oh, thunder and rainstorm.
Thy beauty comes from heaven,
Touching the quivering zone.
Enfolding the vast sphere,
Pass into the world unknown.
The roaming echo, resound when,
A flash cracked the dark zone.
Another disclosed the golden tint,
Around grey curtained foam.
The thundering drum of marching clouds,
Moved while the flash is gone.
Leaving the rolling sand behind,
How softly they moved on.
Fine crystals lifted on airy wings,
From ocean's beating heart.
The charm of secret innocence,
To mingle with earthly dirt.
From heaven in the space below,
The bridle vail lo, hang.
Fresh diamonds deck every thread,
While dropping, rain bells rang.
Who teased the countless strings,
Of Thy melodious harp?
Each breath brings a fresh song,
A thousand notes I bark.
Profound is Thy noble show,
But climax still remains,
A coloured bow on blue screen,
With touch of gentle rain.
For beauty of this mighty act,
For all that I have seen.
With awe and wonder in my soul,
I praise the author of Thy being.


More By  : Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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