Theme: Pandemic

Man Never Learns

Message is clear—
Man never learns…
After every hundred years
Nature, bountiful and blissful
fed up with man’s senseless exploits
picks up the broom
cleans up the lanes
scavenges the mental garbage
smashes his pretentious hypes
deflates his egotistical hyperboles
dresses him down with chains…
Reminds man, once again
he is not the invincible Lord
he is only a tenant here
like every other creature
must respect the rules to enjoy the benediction
or else, Nature’s mirror would reflect his position—
He is nothing, only a shadow in transition…
Shattered by the jolt, sobered
beaten badly, his ego for a while subdued
but can’t resist for long showing his fangs
greed and lust drive him mad
willfully spreads his wings
devilishly his mind swings
races on frantically
from ‘satavik’ to ‘rajasik’ passionately…
Nature laughs but doesn’t interfere
tolerates him like an indulgent mother
but like a pampered child smashing toys
he very soon loses himself to ‘tamasik’ joys…
His selfishness puts Mother Earth too on stakes
his demonic recklessness all the imbalance creates
exults in creating chaos in the Universal Order
risks all other species, overtly bolder…
Nature, in a quandary
intervenes nonchalantly, compulsively
restores the balances, benignly…


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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