Theme: Poetry


Society without poetry 
Is desert without oasis!
Poet and poetry are
Civilization and culture of nation
Poetry is for 
Emancipation of mankind
Verses enlighten heart 
With meaning and 
Rejoice with sublime experience
Mind gets peace
And heart gets bliss
Maybe there is no money in poetry
But in money also there is no poetry
Poet and poetry long for
And work for wellbeing and welfare of
Humanity without expecting any reciprocity
Selfless service poet does to society
Tries to help one transcend selfishness
Poetry has encompassed universe
Universal and full of harmony
Poetry is remedy for distressed heart
Cheerfulness for lively disposition 
Man and poetry 
Are made for each other
As flower and fragrance
Sweetness and honey
Vastness and sky
Depths and ocean
Rains and coolness
Rivers, streams and flow
Moon and moonlight
Sun and brilliance
Beloved and love
Individual and divinity


More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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