Theme: Silence

Random Thoughts Of The Silent Majority

My silence is deaf and dumb
And it limps along
Speaking softly, protesting peacefully
Mindful of not disturbing
The headmaster's son
The dog lover
And the old man of the hills
With the walrus teeth
And the bald pate. 
My silence is now a tenement
Amid the barbed wires of placards
And clenched fists
Speaking for my rights. 
I am the Barbarian
At my own Gates.
My silence is
Choked by the Graffiti 
On crumbled walls
And ruined temples of my tolerance.
My silence is
Palmyra and Bamiyan
And the echoing footsteps of Ages
Disappearing from 
Memories and Monuments
My silence is
The fascism of the mute earth
Cracking up, ribbons of dry riverbeds
Strangling the mountains
Over muffled throats of dawns. 
Nasty and Brutish
Are the short and simple Annals 
Of my silence
My silence is the Suicide-Bomber
Of my tolerance, waiting
To explode....


More By  :  Venkatesh Emani

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