Theme: Battle


Food, shelter, clothing once,
vaccine, bed, oxygen now.
Without food one may live for a while
not without oxygen, medical now.

Shelter not absolute need then too
pavements, parks, bus stations helped.
Gandhi Ji showed how to minimise requirements
one may sleep on floor, not when Corona visits.
Wonder often how we faced calamities ---
sudden surge in numbers baffling, choking, paralysing!

Who to blame?
Leaders, followers, masses, congregations...
how silly, hollow-headed folks are we
never caring for next moment, inviting invisible killer.

Death never had such a gala time in ages!
Times haven’t changed, headless brutes
unmindful of self, others, society, nation.
Thrill of blame game --- endgame for humanity!
Easy to count stars in sky, not dropping leaves
no room even to bury the departed...

If this isn’t holocaust, what else is? 


More By  :  Sony Dalia

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thank you sir for your response.Regards

T.S.Chandra Mouli
08-May-2021 08:49 AM

Comment Is Corona Pandemic a Kali Yuga Effect?
Just before evening, the sky was in light blue hue with vague rose clouds;
A few vehicles were parked near restaurants and banks with no people;
After darkness of night has come, the town has deserted look due to lock-down;
Forward status of town is driven back to five and half decades of backwardness!
Just for a few days, the economy looks to be almost nil due to no business going on;
But, if this status continues for a few more days or a month, whole economy is zero;
All the developments made to make a progress in all respects look to nothing then;
Climate change led to natural disasters and now new disease is still more disastrous!
Earthquake and volcanic eruptions too do greatest havoc in some places of world;
is this called Kali Yuga effect all have to ponder to find out the way to surmount it?
People are crying in large numbers, people are dying and deaths are in queue
In the graveyard for cremation one by one everyday making all incredible to see!
Is it the mark of coming total doom's day or a warning for people to be good?
People are following the route of rulers sans correcting them in high helms!

T A Ramesh
07-May-2021 12:16 PM

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