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My Tryst with a Parasite

by Sandra Martyres
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A parasite visited me
And did climb up
My leg gingerly
By the time it reached my knee
I began to feel very uneasy
But there was precious little
That I could do
Seated in a theatre
Attired in a pair
Of slim fit trousers.
Then as the little creature
Wended its way higher up
I avoided a scream and
Did unobtrusively try
To trap it
And keep it wedged
Firmly under my knee
To prevent more discomfort
And just when I did think
That I had achieved the feat
Of cornering the little devil
Under my trouser leg
With my finger nails
I had to quickly concede defeat
It had escaped my clutches
And was back upon my knee
So engrossed was I
In this disturbing activity
That I failed to observe
My curious neighbor
Intently watching me.
Embarrassed and red faced
I requested him to
Focus on the stage play,
And to stop staring at me
And my antics with a flea
To my complete dismay
He dismissed my comment
With a sleight of hand

“Dear lady, ” he said
“I hope you realize
How much I despise
The likes of you who
Come to theatres
And spend their time
Adjusting their clothes”

By this time I had the
Parasite firmly in my grip

“Don’t worry gentleman”
I retorted, “The object
Of my anguish is about
To be destroyed
Then you will be able
To regale your friends
With a comment like
You had paid for one ticket
But were able to watch
Two performances”
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