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I Laughed At Noah

I laughed at Noah and his family as they built their ark.
I made fun of them until they were ready to embark.
But now the rain is really coming down.
Noah is safe and I am going to drown...
The water is getting higher and higher, it's already above my knees.
Because of ignorance and arrogance, everybody will die, including me.
Noah did right in the eyes of God and survival will be his reward.
But I'm doomed because I didn't do right in the eyes of The Lord.
Everybody is panicking because we are all terrified.
This fate could've been avoided, that can't be denied.
People chose to lie, cheat, plunder and kill.
I will lose my family because of this ordeal.
I could've been a better person but I didn't even try.
I'm hugging my family one last time before we die.
People were consumed by selfishness, greed and arrogance and it's a shame.
As we perish, we can't be angry at God because we only have ourselves to blame.


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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