Theme: Mythology

Awesome Creation

O Narada
you found the world so bad
everybody gloomy and sad
complaints of eternal agony and pain
earnest prayers for a seat in heaven…
Strange! Come on, we shall discern
bring to heaven all those who yearn
God smiled and said to the Cosmic wanderer…

They reached a famous, gigantic temple
awe-inspiring, glamorous, spacious swell
huge congregation, lavishly dressed
all devotees of God, in prayers meshed
O God, forgive us for our countless sins
Pray, grant us ‘mukti’ from life’s din
lift us from hell, bathe us in heavenly bliss… 

God’s chariot! What a treat!
Their eyes were dazed
their minds were fazed
sudden rush to fall at his feet
me before the rest, lest….
Chaos, jostle, scramble, stampede…
God raised His hand and sweetly smiled…

You have souls, pious and pure
seem out of place here, no lure…
Yes, heaven you seek, heaven you will have
Moksha from this painful life you sincerely crave…
OK, one by one you board this instant
you all can easily fit in this divine chariot
we shall live together in heaven
the earth so bad, unfit for the chosen…

They were dazzled, puzzled, disturbed…

Hurry up! Decide
You have ten minutes to ride…

Their faces didn’t light up
They just stood motionless
Not a single seeker stirred
Their faces drawn, perturbed…

God then turned to the tattered beggars
with their mangled katoras
waiting for ‘prasad’ or a few coins
Come on, a chance for you too
heaven is so beautiful, great fascination
everything in plenty, no starvation…
The beggars too pranced around
their eyes fixed on the ground…

Amused at those lost souls
shrieking their hearts out
seeking a seat in heaven
God smiled at Narada’s notion…
What an awesome creation!


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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