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Once upon a time…We loved

Once upon a time we loved,
Sweet was our love
How emotional we were about each other
Silence was golden
And in our silence we conveyed such profound feelings,
It was beautiful when we thought in similar ways
and realized the oneness of our thoughts
Then the cool breeze blew,
quietly blowing away
and dissolving our love.

Then I married you
You in your practical ways
Never believed in love
I didn't think you were my true love either,
We disagreed and fought all the time
Our ideas never matched
Yet each day we come to each other
Melting and healing our differences
Greater is our friendship and forgiveness of each other

My friend,
My only love,
You gave me your support,
Your whole-hearted friendship,
I thought I could go on in life without anyone
How wrong I was
For I know now it is easy to love
With everything going right
Difficult with everything going wrong
And you have to make things work,
Even when they don't

I know the answer now but
Still, sometimes I wonder, was that true love
And this only friendship?

Once upon a time we loved
Once upon a time we loved.


More By  :  Nayan S. Mijar

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