Theme: Paradise

Paradisical Dreams

by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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People do so many things.
Say this and that and what not.
They are not satisfied for so many reasons.
But then, do they think things could and should have been different?
But how could it be?
Everything has a reason.
Do they introspect
Why they are what they are?
Maybe everybody wants to escape from the life cage they find themselves in.
All deeds and words only indicate that.
Not here not here.
Pleasure lies elsewhere.
Not here not here.
Most religions actually say that.


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Comment Purpose And Benefit Of Man Born In This World Of Joy And Sorrow!
Rating: ★5.0

Whether it is temporary flower or fruit or sky or water fall or river or sea, Nature is par excellence in creation;
And that by their beauty and activity inspire all living beings to be happy, creative end inventive in activities;
That is the hidden treasure in the calm sky or beautiful lulling waves of seas all round the world;
The silent beauty of colourful flowers inspire love to be beautiful and harmonious to reflect love to all!

without love, life cannot survive and sustain living in the world despite hardships and happiness or joy and sorrow;
Nature is supreme for the perpetuation of lovely life from the meanest flowers to magnificent men ever;
It is also Nature that touches heart, mind and soul of all by the blessed presence of divine spirit within all living beings;
That living spirit inspires the in dwelling spirit in living beings to rise high to realize purpose of all living beings!

Preparation gained by undergoing hardships and happiness in unsteady world makes all long for stable peace;
This great human urge reveals hidden treasure of peace possible only by union of soul with Universal Spirit;
Knowing this great truth, man by mystical communion with Nature enjoys bliss and peace till end;
Unless this culture of living in harmony with Nature is followed by all, there's no way to enjoy bliss and peace!

This hidden treasure of eternal bliss and peace, once known by man, the urge can't wait unless object is achieved;
This is the great purpose and benefit of man in this world of fluctuation between hardships and happiness!

Ramesh T A Monday, January 17, 2022

T A Ramesh
18-Jan-2022 08:00 AM

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