Theme: Heart

Head & Heart



We say a lot about Heart

As Heart is a vital one to live

A man can live even with a dead brain

But not without a heart

On many things we tend to say

Think with Heart and not with Head

Can we not think both with Heart and Head?

Both can go right and can also go wrong


Modern medicine even replaces the heart

But, alas not the Head yet

We try to link heart with our emotions

As if it doesn’t have any connection with head

The truth is everyone takes the decisions

Through Head only

When emotions overtake we blame the heart

When wisdom overtakes we credit the head

One needs to balance between the Head and Heart


Both are just two biological body parts

Yet, We, the Humans try to differentiate them 

To boast our success and cover up our misdemeanors!




Image © gettyimages stock photo (sent by G Swaminathan)


More By  :  G Swaminathan

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