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Operation Comb

Combing is a meticulous job.
Scalp massage disentangles hair.

Act draws through atop the heads.
To catch poachers inside the woods

Comb together forests and nooks.
Search the missing child. Shock

Kidnappers, those inside hide.
Comb terrorists, why one cannot.

Our world would be a better place
Had we combed our intelligence?

However forever ready to blame others.
Are we dexterously lazy to be laborious?

Pointed narrow teeth on edge
Combs are device that touch all heads.
Except those ones, who wear a bald?

Serrated fleshy outgrowth, heads, fowls.
Mean those red crests of gallinaceous birds.
Ciliated comb-like swim plates, ctenophore.

Use various comb-tools to comb ocean floors.
Comb concrete, urban, rural, natural, lands, jungles,
Schools of thoughts comb, several samples
Proofs soil, water, air, moods.

Comb comfort animal skin habitual itch.
Hairs straighten with a comb cools the mind.
Comb for ticks, lice, parasites, stitch in time save nines.
Comb saves, face clean, clear off vices.

Ritual combs present tribes to their brides.
She collects and wears them in her hair that match.
Flowers she wears along with her bright bridal make-ups.
Comb arranges of the combination comb life, lives.


More By  :  Jayati Gupta

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