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The Eternal Flame

I dreamt, an effulgent light
far off, beyond the forest tight
The Eternal Flame, eternal bliss
inexorable, inexplicable, my fright…

Bewildered, I fretted around in a trance
with me, always, it would prance…
Flash before my eyes, glitter and glow
here, there, wherever went my glance…

Baffled by the divine miracle
my hallucination or an oracle
I couldn’t resist the temptation
like a sleepwalker, followed the glare…

On and on, walked for ages
musical way, thought of the sages
Me too, blessed with divine light
Blissful life, share it without cages…

Till the bend, nowhere found the gleam
Dispirited, lay down in the melodious green.
Awakened, tore away from my past, and them
my torment, agony and anguish, and my sheen…

In my new avatar, life at tranquil ease
Laughed at my old self, my soul in peace
The Eternal Flame, my divine guide
Love and Hope flew through my veins…


More By  : Dr. O.P. Arora

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