Theme: Murder

I Had To Kill Again

I killed my wife's only brother but she doesn't know that I'm the one who did it.
A blackmailer was about to ruin my life and that was something I couldn't permit.
That man had proof that I took her brother's life.
If he had exposed me, I would have lost my wife.
The blackmailer demanded one million dollars to give me the evidence.
I couldn't come up with that kind of money and things became intense.
I love my wife more than life itself but everything was about to come undone.
I took the evidence and burned it after I shot the blackmailer with a stolen gun.
When I went to my deceased brother-in-law's funeral, I saw my wife, that's how I met her.
Her brother's death caused her great emotional problems but I was able to make her feel better.
I killed her brother because he was smarter than me and he loved to brag about it.
He rubbed it in my face and I killed him because he kept bragging and wouldn't quit.
The guilt has consumed me ever since I killed her brother in 2013 during the Summer,
But at least she doesn't know about my guilt, I've been able to keep the truth from her.
But I had to kill again, I've committed murder twice.
I'm in trouble with God and one day I'll pay the price.
I will lose my wife if the police find proof of my horrible crimes and I go to jail.
One day I'll lose my wife for eternity when she goes to Heaven and I go to Hell.



(This is a fictional poem. In real life, people should never commit murder)



Image Copyright - Randy Johnson


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