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What is a poem ?

Is it short, is it long
is it a master's symphony
or merely a minstrel's song.
Does it cling to you
embedding itself in your mind
whispering it's tale
mimicking a ghostly whine.

Was it born of darkness
or the holiest light
maybe it's true origin
has none, or much fright.
Has it sung of love
or seethed with hate
did it quake with fear
did it speak of fate.

Were we the ones to create it
or was it something more...
did a divine god of judgment
first inscribe the poet's lore.
Will it ever end
the harmonious flow of dreams
a fantasy unexplained
nothing is as it seems.

What is a poem?
it can be short, even long
is it God's symphony
or merely the son's song.


More By  :  Kyle Lee

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