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Act Not React

Senses run around.
Being endless their found.
Nothing they miss out,
When Senses run and shout.

Excited and happy for
Mighty have they brought.
Reaching the Mind
Bundle of thoughts
Is all they

Unloading their load
Mind O Mind
Here, some more
Bundles Of thoughts,
All for you to

Sharp and fast,
The Mind begins to sort
What the
Senses have thus brought.
Some to keep, some
To Shake off.
Ready to act
On all the gathered thoughts.

Hold Mind O Mind!
Why be in such a hurry?
Show them to
The ONE who always
Always Must be

Ask, just ask,
The ONE!
What may I do with
All that senses have thus
O Confused Mind
You are only,
Only a Bundle of all such

The ONE, The Witness,
Now ready to talk
To all the gathered thoughts,
The senses thus have brought.

Act Not React!
Act Not React!!
Is the message
Message from the
Mind O Mind
You have gratefully


More By  :  Asha Nigam

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