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Our Ailing Planet : As It Matters

Environmental issues can no longer be regarded
As a luxury or afterthought-
Rather, they should be a central part of policy-making
That had already been fought!
Economic and social developments need to be integrated
To give ailing planet a chance-
While positive vision of long-term growth, equity,
And justice may be allowed to dance!

Despite the achievements, our ailing planet
Is still in need of intensive care-
And my visionary mind offers alone
The latest readings on her health to share!
Population growth, poverty, and pollution
Threaten the quests for sustainable Earth-
Followed by rapid urbanization and demands for water,
While we lose Nature's mirth!

Rural poverty, consumption habits, land and energy
Continue to play a significant role-
And are placing intense pressures on
The ailing planet's ability to withstand the toll!
In an era of interdependence, the sense of
Mutual responsibilities needs to prevail-
About the health of the planet; otherwise, the quest
For sustainability will definitely fail!

Environmental footprints left by past societies
Are too much larger than the societies now-
So I suggest to pursue a sound path to modernization
Through the technical know-how!
Economic growth, social progress, protection
Of our environment and natural resources-
Should be real and tangible issues for a sustainable planet
And used as her defense forces!

To accelerate international cooperation,
The globalization should work not just for a few-
Rather, I urge to review the daily impact
On our planet and its peoples with an open view!
Development appears to be divorced from its human
And cultural context over the years-
But there's a need now to search for our past,
And learn from our ancestors, without fears!

Aspects of globalization must focus on human,
Cultural and spiritual dimensions of all-
Irrespective of our diversity, and the interdependence
Of mankind should stand pretty tall!
Now, the time has come to nurture a holistic worldview
And connect with the Nature-
While values drawn from indigenous beliefs
And all world religion must show caricature!

Eradication of poverty will lead to better development,
And there's no doubt in my mind-
While the treaties and agreements need to be pursued
To put the authorities in a bind!
A pristine environment is vital to human survival
As well as to the flora and fauna of sea-
And I will nod my head till I breathe to protect
Our planet, as it matters, with a safety key!

For the 21st century, our ailing planet is in dire needs
Of ecological diversity for sure-
To provide life and sustenance, as well as spiritual identity,
Drenched in water to be pure!
Well, by preserving the planet, our ability to bequeath
A greener future will silently ring-
And I will wait for the moment to which humanity
Can aspire certainly with joy and sing!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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